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Weight Loss Essay

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G. Evaluation

A good positive message is explained clearly of what the objective is keeping a positive professional image, is free of typos or misspelled words, has a closing and provides contact information for feedback. A good negative message explains the negative news clearly and completely but conveys empathy. Projecting a professional image and being fair while maintain friendly relations as well.

I demonstrated a good message by clearly and professionally providing the main idea first. The body of my message to Ms. Jones requested action, provided details while maintaining a friendly and respectful tone. As far as a good negative message, I clearly conveyed negative news regarding an increase in the budget but provided an upside as far as cutting the manufacturing ...view middle of the document...

H. Evaluation

A good email catches the receiver’s attention, leaves the receiver with a clear understanding of the situation and leaves contact information. I demonstrated this by having a compelling subject line “Slimmer by next week!” I didn’t use meaningless statements such as “Important or Meeting”. I also included a greeting “Good morning team” since this was a more informal email. I was clear and straight to the point while talking about three advantages and three disadvantages of the product. I also provided specific solutions to those disadvantages and offered my contact information in the closing for more information or to get them started on the product. In the email to my stakeholders, I provided a clear understanding of what the product is and what it does by providing advantages and disadvantages of the product with solutions to the disadvantages. I also reassured them that the product was safe and natural. I closed with a thank you and offered to contact me if they needed to for any additional information.

A good blog presents the big idea first Who? What? When? Why? How? and shows enthusiasm. Next it states the key factors and then provides background of what it is you’re talking about. I demonstrated this by first stating that Weight Loss Optimizer is a diet pill that works in a bright color to help catch the reader’s attention. Next I provided key factors of the product by providing information of the study that was conducted as evidence that the product has been proven to work. Last, I stated what this product could do for our readers in a different bright color to catch their attention and provided three advantages in detail on how the product works. I also encouraged our readers to follow us on Facebook and Twitter to read other testimonials from other users of our product.

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