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Weight Loss Methods Essay

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Weight Loss Methods
Losing weight has become one of the main focuses in households around the country. With overweight issues rising, diet and exercise is essential. Weight loss is important in staying healthy and physically fit; exercise may be safer oppose to diet supplements, know the risk of each and choose what’s best.
Losing weight is a big topic around the world, obesity is one of the top reasons and health risks. There are several different factors that may contribute to obesity; when you do not have an active life as far as working, going to school, socializing with friends or family, or some sort of daily activities junk food and snacks can run your life and over ...view middle of the document...

The benefits of weight loss go beyond weight loss; muscle building exercising can reduce the risk of osteoporosis, aerobics can reduce the risk of developing heart disease and other cardiovascular diseases, also prevents stiff joints. According to, The Exercise Habit 2010; it is important to consult a doctor to find out how much exercise is good for you. A good goal for most is to try to exercise 5 times a week for about 30 to 60 minutes each time. If you start to feel dizzy, out of breath, faint of have pain, stop exercising. It also states that there are many benefits that come from exercising such as relieving stress, helps maintain a normal weight by increasing your metabolism, helps you sleep better, contributes to mental well-being, and helps with depression. Exercising can also help reduce other risk factors such as heart attack, high blood pressure, obesity and keeps joints, tendons, and ligaments flexible which makes moving around easier. Although exercise has been known to help with weight loss for centuries, diet supplements have become a new way to aid in weight loss.
Diet supplements are effortless and pain free, strenuous activities are not needed; these are perfect for those who need to lose weight but their busy lives do not permit time for exercise. They come in different forms including pills, powder, and liquids. Even though diet supplements are quick, easy, and work faster than exercising, they come with risk factors. Some can be addictive and cause withdraws, the risks can be higher if you decide to stop taking them. Some of the most common side effects is diarrhea, dry mouth, headache, and restlessness, which can be minor. The dangerous side effects include renal failure and heart attack among other serious and possibly fatal side effects. Liver damage is another side effect, because a number of dietary supplements go through the liver to be processed and can be toxic. Because they are easily accessible over-the-counter, most people are unaware of the risk that are associated with them; even when warnings are on the label they are often overlooked. Some dietary supplements can be beneficial for some and not for others, this is because everyone’s...

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