Weight Watchers Vs. Jenny Craig Essay

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Weight Watchers vs. Jenny Craig

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Question 1:
When first considering which diet plan to choose, a consumer must recognize their need; in this case our need is to lose weight. This serves as both a functional and psychological need. Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers both provide the functional need to help you satisfy your hunger while facilitating weight loss in a healthy manner. When it comes to our psychological needs, we want the personal gratification of losing weight and looking more attractive. The marketers for Jenny Craig and Weight Watchers show advertisements that portray their customers as fit, attractive and happier as a result of their ...view middle of the document...

So, upon having two programs to choose from we will evaluate criteria that we deem important and decide the determinant attributes. We do this by listing features that are essential to us. Features like: price, support, privacy, effectiveness, flexibility and so on. The consumer then evaluates these attributes on a scale that calculates the perceived differences. Marketers influence the decisions a consumer makes when they evaluate criteria. They advertise for increased awareness of their brand and portray its best qualities to the consumer. This consciously and subconsciously affects the consumer’s decision making as well as how they go about quickly and efficiently selecting from among several alternatives.
Once we have realized what is important to us in a weight loss service, we are ready to buy and move to the purchase and consumption step. Here the marketers will advertise things such as online services and the convenience of their locations to try and increase their conversion rate. This is the percentage of consumers who will actually purchase their weight loss plan after viewing it and marketers will use various tactics in order to convert purchase intentions into actual purchases.
The final step of the consumer decision process is postpurchase behavior. Marketers hope to have three positive postpurchase outcomes: customer satisfaction, no postpurchase cognitive dissonance, and customer loyalty. In order to ensure these positive outcomes marketers must report and advertise realistic weight loss expectations, offer reassurance that the correct choice was made, and solidify a loyal relationship with us, their customers.
Question 2:
Weight Watchers and Jenny Craig create value through their program’s unique features and benefits. Since these programs are competing to convince a consumer to pay for their particular weight loss program they each must offer features that the consumer would find appealing and then use as a reason to purchase their program.
Weight Watchers offers benefits such as diet flexibility, group support, online services, healthy lifestyle training and is available in 30 different countries. The unique feature of Weight Watchers that sets them apart from competition is their food point system. Members are given a certain amount of points they are allowed to consume in a day based on their weight, lifestyle and their desired outcome. Weight Watchers provide a portable book containing the points of almost every food imaginable and tell their clients to track their points; this allows their clients to have freedom with choosing their diet. In addition Weight Watchers also caters to men’s needs to lose weight by addressing male interests and concerns and focusing on working out. The cost for this program is $42.95 per month ($9.92 a week) plus normal food expenses.
Jenny Craig on the other hand caters to a time-poor society that likes privacy and simplicity. Jenny Craig offers benefits such as...

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