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Wellington Essay

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Summative Assessment
The Secret Sharer and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time


For my English course we studied two texts, The Secret Sharer by Joseph Conrad, and The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time by Mark Haddon. I decided to write on The Curious Incident of the Dog in the Night-Time because I think the book has an interesting and unique plot.
I have chosen to write three diary entries. This text type is appropriate because diaries are personal and reveal feelings that contribute to the furthering of the plot.
The purpose of my characters diary entries is to reveal their inner emotions and feelings. The intended audience for the diary ...view middle of the document...

He knows not to go in my room. He’s busy investigating the death of that bloody dog anyway.
Maybe I shouldn’t be so hard on him. He’s a good boy, I know that – and he’s pretty damn smart too. He just doesn’t understand when I say things in a stern voice, so I yell and shout at him. I feel guilty sometimes, but sometimes he deserves it.
If he ever finds the letters he’ll never forgive me. This is my greatest and only fear. I constantly tell him to stay out of my room. He doesn’t seem interested in going in it, which is good. I only remember seeing him in my room, and that’s because Toby got out of his cage. Bloody rat.

Christopher’s Diary
Dear Diary,
I don’t really know what a diary is, but Siobhan says it’s a book in which you write your feelings. She said that people have diaries so they can write down what they feel. She said it would be good practice for me.
Today I saw three red cars in a row, which means it was a quite good day. I did some math when I got to school and solved some math puzzles Siobhan brought for me. Then I continued reading my book on the Apollo spacecraft. It made me feel happy because it reminded me of how I’m going to become an astronaut when I grow up.
I stopped reading at 2:43 and talked to Siobhan about the different things you can do using prime numbers. Father picked me up from school at 3:12.
When I got home, Father went into his room and I continued investigating Wellington’s death. I walked around the block, passing Mrs. Shears’ house twice. I don’t think she likes me much since she found me in her garden. If Father caught me investigation one more time, he swore that I’d get the worst of punishments. Then I went upstairs to feed Toby and let him run around my room.
Later, Father left the house to go pick something up, so I started looking for clues in the house. I didn’t go into Father’s room because Father...

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