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Wgu Risk Management Essay

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RISK REGISTER: Carmel Soda Company.

The Carmel Soda is a worldwide leader in soft drinks. They are on every continent and in every country. Below are eight risks that have been identified that could contain some problematic issues for the company.

|Risk |Description |Owner |Source |Likelihood of Occurrence* |Severity of Impact* |Controllability* |
|Process/execution |Carmel soda will have a |Human resource |Outdated policies cause the|Medium: This is a fairly common |Medium: outdated policies mean that |High: This is a topic that can be |
|risk: ...view middle of the document...

It is |Carmel Soda does business. If Carmel |laws of other countries. If the company |
| |regulations making it more |that foreign | |plausible that this may have an |Soda were to lose the ability to sell |is found to be in violation of a specific|
| |difficult or impossible to |country | |effect on Carmel Sodas’ operations in|their soda products in Europe because |new law, the company can only change the |
| |do business | | |foreign country |the countries there deemed the sugar |way it is doing business to be in |
| | | | | |content in the soda too high and made |compliance. |
| | | | | |it illegal, it could bankrupt the | |
| | | | | |company. | |
|Project risk: |the inability to attract and |Hiring manager |Under educated or under |High: This phenomenon happens in |Medium: It would be extremely time |High: This phenomenon can only be |
|quality control |retain qualified personnel | |trained employees cause the|every aspect of business. Employees |consuming on the company to either |controlled by Carmel Soda. The hiring |
| |creates negative performance | |risk to happen |lie on their applications or resumes |replace or retrain faulty employees. |dept. needs to make sure procedures are |
| | | | |to make themselves look better. |This is also not cost effective on the|being followed that maintain the |
| | | | |Their true abilities are not known |company. While the product that is |integrity of the hiring plan but also the|
| | | | |until they begin working. Or, the |being sold will be maintained, it will|training plan. |
| | | | |employees are not properly trained by|be more expensive to maintain the | |
| | | | ...

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