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“Great experience comes from great execution.”
It has been a tough semester, I would say. It is not yet finished but definitely, this is one of the few semesters that I’ve had that I would really look into the future. As to what I have quoted above, “great experience comes from great execution”, this is, I’d say, what I have really learned in this subject. Giving your best in order for you and the group to achieve a really memorable experience. Giving your full efforts, love and care to what you are doing in order for you to not regret anything in the future. It is challenging yourselves to be better ones to be able to inspire and let others learn from what you have learned and achieved.
The teamwork among us, BSHM 3-1D, had been challenged when we had our first event, the Food and ...view middle of the document...

Seeing different faces of the team was really one of the most enjoyable parts of preparing this event. I have seen people being annoyed, happy, people who just did not care and just went along with the flow of what was happening, people who have been stressed out, people who have really put their hearts on it. I have learned that if a person knows how to work with his group or with the people around him, then definitely, good things are sure to come on his way. And I could say that this perspective had been applied by most of us, especially during the preparation and on the date of the event, itself. Above all things that I learned, I have also learned that even we are on our busiest times of life, we must not forget the main reason why we become successful despite of the many challenges that come along our way. We must not forget that it has always been the Almighty God who makes each impossible to be possible at all times.
These learnings have really helped and given big impact to us as we planned and executed again our latter events. Good thing that there are people who are always willing to help in making the events one of a kind. I have learned and knew that this experience is really something that would benefit each and every one of us in the future. Maybe we are not that lucky to have great facilities that we could use in making the event really spectacular, but I believe that passion and love for your work will cover all of the limits that we are encountering as it train us to be creative and resourceful on what is available which lead us to becoming a lot better in the future.

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