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What Are The Aims Of Academic Study And How Can They Be Achieve1 Essay

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What are the aims of academic study and how can they be achieved?
Academic study is commonly considered to play the most important part in one's education. Different views such as the aims to undertake an academic study and factors that affect the performance lead to the origin of such importance of academic study. Students' performance in academic study to ensure having a career or to enjoy learning can be improved and achieved by several factors in a school, college or university. Academic study trains students to achieve skills making them fully prepared for work in that particular field. For example, M.Sc International Securities, Investment and Banking in University of Reading equips ...view middle of the document...

The choices and aims are endless, and so are the ways to achieve these aims.
Academic study helps students achieve and understand a wide area of academically important subjects, specialized information, and grasp extra knowledge that expands one's experience in that particular subject.
As a student, it is very important to develop various characteristics that help achieve success in academic aims while studying at university. These characteristics include knowing one's strength's and weaknesses in a particular subject or aspect of study and even thinking about how to develop one's abilities further. Using a logical, reasoned approach to study and thinking about how to deal with a particular task is highly important. Moreover, the ability to communicate results successfully after learning how to study a subject in depth can also arise from one's interest in finding things out.
The factors that affect and improve academic performance are countless. The most important of them all is the availability of resources (e.g. computers, laboratories, textbooks) and student motivation. If a student has to pursue academic study without the help of necessary resources, then he/she might just as well fail to achieve success in that subject. Motivation plays a much more important role. Students can be motivated in extrinsic and intrinsic ways. In the former, students perform well in a task for external reasons, such as good grades, prizes, etc. And in the latter, students accomplish in a work because they realize that their educational achievements are theirs only and work for their aim without any thoughts to be recognized of their effort.
Researchers still argue about the effect of class sizes (ratio of students to teachers) in the performance of students over a period of their educational life. Recent study has shown that the smaller the class size, the better students performed in academic study. Fewer...

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