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What Are The Benefits Of Learning Psychology?

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The way we live depends on interaction with other people as well as on
information we receive from the world. We form relationships, some of
which are very bonded so we fall in love. Under the influence of
environment we produce our behaviours. That is we find the best
solutions for what we reoccupy from others and process information in
our ways. Sometimes it is analytical that is we think logically,
sometimes it is heuristic based on our instincts. The second one may
be misleading, but very often there is no time to think. We are also
able to learn and store information that draws our experience and
prevents from making mistakes later on. Studying ...view middle of the document...

Another factor that leads people to form relationships is
familiarity. We become more familiar to ourselves when we have a
chance to meet ourselves more often than usually. Festinger,
Schachter, and Back (1950) found that the likelihood of friendships
between people who lived in an apartment house was related to the
distance between the apartments in which they lived in; the closer the
apartments, the more likely the friendship was. Saegert, Swap, and
Zajonc (1973) found interesting information in their experiment
involving the sense of taste. Groups of two student were asked to rate
various liquids which were located in booths. The movements of women
from one booth to another were measured. Then subjects rated their
attraction to each other. The study showed that the more we see or
interact with each other the more we find familiar and attractive.

Similarity refers to how closely attitudes, values, interests and
personality match between people. Despite sayings about opposites
attracting, research has consistently shown that similarity leads to
interpersonal attraction. Many forms of similarity have been shown to
increase liking. Similarities in opinions, interpersonal styles, and
amount of communication skill, demographics, and values have all been
shown in experiments to increase liking.

Several explanations have been offered to explain similarity increases
interpersonal attraction. First, people with similar interests tend to
put themselves into similar types of settings. For example, two people
interested in literature are likely to run into each other in the
library and form a relationship. Another explanation is that we notice
similar people, expect them to like us, and initiate relationships.
Also, having relationships with similar people helps to validate the
values held in common. Finally, people tend to make negative
assumptions about those who disagree with them on fundamental issues,
and hence feel repulsion.

There is no doubt that physically attractive people are more likely to
get along with others than those who are regarded as less ‘beautiful’
(Albright, Kenny and Mallow, 1998). If one person finds another
attractive, there is more chance that the favoured person will be
regarded by other people in the same way.

Walster et al. (1966) asked a group of people to dance. Later on they
were asked to rate attraction of their partners. The only variable
that was taken into consideration was physical appearance. Obviously
there was no occasion to exchange views while dancing.

Mark Snyder, Elizabeth Decker, Tanke, and Ellen Berscheid coducted
iteresting study in 1977.

Male participants were told that they were in an investigation of "how
people become acquainted with each other" and each one of them had
been assigned a female partner, with whom they...

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