What Are The Effective Study Skills That Provide A Sole Foundation Of A Sound Rducation

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Diane Craik (140865)
Module 1 : “ What are the effective study skills that provide a sole foundation of a sound education”

Individuals have a different perception to what a sound education is. Some believe that by completing the standard education is sufficient, whilst others believe that a higher education is required. How a person acquires their education is down to their natural abilities, past experiences, style of learning and the development of the necessary learning skills. As a student, using all the above will allow them to learn to the standard they require to acquire their sound education.

Everyone has their own level of “intelligence quotation or IQ” according to ...view middle of the document...

As they develop through this stage the main thing they will overcome is the difficulty to understand that even though something cannot be seem it still exists, realising this will move them onto the second stage of preoperational lasting until they are about seven. In this stage they start using their imagination more including pretent play using items and pretending they are something else. A good example of this is a cardboard box, it can be a car, boat, castle, whatever the childs imagine allows. From about the age of seven the concrete operational stage begins giving them a better understanding on how their mind works, other peoples thoughts and feelings will also be taken into consideration. They are now able to think more logically and work out problems in a more rational and organized way, but will still struggle to think “abstractly or hypothetically”. The final stage from around eleven into adulthood is the formal operation stage allowing the child to think more creatively and plan ways to reach solutions to a problem.
Piagets theory has been supported through educational programmes being based on it in the belief that the stage in which a child has developed should be taken into consideration on how they are taught.
Because Piaget only observed a small number of children, his own three and others from well-educated professionals, it could be argued that the outcome of his research did not give a true picture as he only observed a small amount of children and not candidates from all walks of life. Even so, I do believe that...

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