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What Are The Factors Influencing The Drying Technology?

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For a long time, the rotary dryer utilized in a variety of industries in our country has adopted L-shaped lifting board framework, as well as the dryer machine is usually while in the state of very low functioning efficiency: minimal output, substantial coal consumption, minimal heat efficiency, high water articles in the discharged materials and trouble in the manage of water material. The elements influencing the drying method of rotary dryers may be classified into two styles: a single may be the variables caused through the rotary dryer itself, which includes the lifting board, the rotation velocity with the drying machine plus the heat insulation of the dryer cylinder and also the other ...view middle of the document...

Having said that, at existing the temperature in the inlet sizzling air with the dryer machine utilized in numerous cement plants is quite very low, as well as the temperature of downstream drying gear is only about 700℃, for that reason, in a permitted variety of the cylinder, tremendously strengthening the inlet temperature in the scorching air is not really practicable. bauxite crushing plant

(3) The feeding granularity along with the uniformity on the material feeding
Within the ailment the drying pace is definite, the bigger the speak to region on the supplies and the hot air is, the better the total drying result will be. The smaller sized the granularity with the supplies is, the smaller sized the inner diffusion resistance will probably be, which is conducive to improving the drying efficiency. Having said that, this isn't true of big-sized resources because they will type a movie layer that will hold back the heat transfer and mass transfer of internal supplies, for this reason, when drying resources, the products should really be initially crushed. Furthermore, even material feeding is...

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