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What Are The Most Important Factors Influencing Customers Shopping Online

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The most important factors influencing consumer satisfaction when buying online
With the development of science and technology, people’s lives have become easier and more convenient. And the growth of science and technology bring huge change to people’s lives. As one of the outcomes of modern life style, the internet has been playing an important role in people’s daily life. According to research by China Internet China Network Information Center, the number of internet users, which is 420 millions, had increased 36 million in 7 months in 2010. “The popularity rate of internet has climbed up to 31.8%, with an increase of 2.9% compared to the end of 2009.”(CNNIC, 2011). In the meantime, with ...view middle of the document...

Schaupp and Belanger (2005, P99), point out “Quality is an intrinsic property of a product and the expected standard of product or service excellence.” Often, products purchased online are no different than those purchased at stores. Most of customers will consider product performance as the major element when they are shopping online, because the product itself is the basic motive power promoting customers purchasing. Product quality and service are often required based on an evaluation of extrinsic elements (i.e. brand name, price, package). As a characteristic of e-commerce, consumers cannot touch the product likes shopping in the market, so the product quality including price, information, pattern and color become much more important and more effective than traditional purchase. Moreover, the information of the product and authenticity between product and picture which internet puts on the website are also important. Customers will not be satisfied if they feel be cheated. These elements of product will directly impact on the evaluation of the product and service. Thus, consumer e-satisfaction has a positive relationship with product quality. A higher quality product will lead to a higher consumer e-satisfaction. ( Schaupp and Belanger, 2005 )
Secondly, website design is also an essential factor influencing consumer e-satisfaction. An impressive website design should include navigation capability and visual appeal of the website, it can potentially influence customer (Cyr, 2008). An excellent website design includes a goodness of design of site color, design of site character, design of site structure, and design of site menu. It should also consider whether pattern suit the product, whether the color will disturb customers. These visual elements will influence consumers’ feelings directly. However, all these factors are secondary causes, the dominant factor is ease of use. The main reason of customers choose online shopping instead of traditional purchase is considering about the convenience and saving time. It is difficult for those customers who may be not good at computer skills to use. It will take a lot of time for them to purchase. Moreover, a bad website design might leads to a wrong product purchase. Then customers need spend more extra time to return purchase. That will violate the principle of time-saving. If website cannot reach this requirements of customers, it might make they lose their patience, and influence consumer satisfaction. According to a research by Cho and Park (2001), consumers e-satisfaction is connected with the quality of website design. And Lee and Lin (2005) did a research and found that website design positively influence on overall consumer satisfaction. Hence, consumer e-satisfaction will be affected by a excellent website design, which is closely related to customers’ experience and perceived service quality when they are shopping online.
Beside those characteristics of product and website design,...

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