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What Are The Most Important Factors That Influence Customer Satisfaction When Buying Online?

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Business-to-consumer (B2C) electronic commerce is an indispensable part of economic transactions. Online trading platforms have been widely used by many companies all over the world. A survey including more than 27,000 internet users of 55 markets from the Asia Pacific, Europe, the Middle East, North America, and South America indicated that “the Internet market offers significant opportunities in emerging markets”. (Nielsen, 2010 as cited in Shiau& Luo, 2012, p.189). This shows that the traditional consumption mode has changed into a diversified and modern mode. Compared to traditional shopping, online shopping can save more time and money, and it is more convenient to find the ideal ...view middle of the document...

Consumer satisfaction can be applied to measure customer loyalty.

From the perspective of consumers, consumer characteristics and attitude are the basis of consumer satisfaction. Demographic characteristics consist of gender, age and ethnic background, these are the effective factors of behavioral processes. (Wu, 2003) Consumer characteristics affect consumers’ attitude and beliefs belong to different education background, age, income, interest and living area. Moreover, consumer attitudes are the focus of marketing efforts and are more likely to change than beliefs and values. As Koufaris claims that, online customer characteristics directly influence the trust on online company. (Koufaris, 2005) “Trust propensity is an individual trait defined as a general willingness based on extended socialization to depend on others.” (McKnight & Chervancy, 2001-2002; Ridings et al., 2002 as cited in Koufaris, 2005, p.325) Trust propensity effects on the trust process and it also influences online shopping. People of different ages have different opinions about online shopping. Older generations are reported that they do not trust online shopping and prefer to shop in real stores. Moreover, older generations cannot use new technology neatly and are not satisfied with the service online. But young people are more likely to buy things online. Normally, they are satisfied with the products online because of the price and creativity. Different characteristics lead to different attitudes of online shopping and effect the consumer satisfaction.

As a requirement to the sellers, online service is a reasonable standard for consumers to measure. The executive mode of online information service mainly includes three aspects: commodity information, website design, and customer service. Websites are the place that consumers see items, get item information, make purchases, choose a shipping approach and deal with the problems. Consumers are more likely to know the detailed information from the websites to make up the disadvantages of not seeing the real products. Consumer satisfaction can be promoted with the information as many specifics as possible. Then the reliable information from websites can provide convenience for consumers to select ideal items. Moreover, a well-designed website serving as a useful medium between merchants and customers can influence the level of consumer trust. Trust’s control mechanisms directly determine consumer trust and websites are the main one in its mechanisms. (Tan & Thoen, 2000-2001 as cited Koufaris, 2005) An appealing website design especially for a simple process is an obvious tool for merchants to provide shopping conveniently. Customer service is an indispensable element for the online company in online shopping. It is difficult for merchants to handle various problems without consumer service.

In practical terms, internet security can greatly influence consumer satisfaction. An incomplete security system could be a...

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