What Are The Parts Of Plants

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Mr. Nageotte
Cambridge Springs Elementary
Grade 4
Nicole Szymanski
Student Teaching Placement 1
Science Lesson 2.2 What Are the Parts of Plants?
Tuesday, October 4, 2011

I. Rationale
The rationale of this lesson is to guide students in learning the three main parts of plants: leaves, stems and roots, as well as their functions.

II. Vocabulary
No new vocabulary

III. Resources
-Science Text book
-Variety of plants
-Paper pads
-Black construction paper

IV. Objectives/standards/adaptations

1. Students will be able to identify the three main plant parts.
2. Students will be able to describe the functions of the three main plant ...view middle of the document...

Show the leaves on a couple different plants and have students look at the differences. Ask students why leaves have different shaped leaves. Have students look at the “Arranged for Advantage” box on page 51.
8. Have volunteers read the paragraphs under “Stems.” Have students add to their list and then show them the stems on a couple plants.
9. Read “The Roles of Roots” on page 52. Have students add to their lists. Show plants with fibrous roots and taproots. Ask students what differences they see. Have volunteers read “Fibrous Roots” and “Tap Roots.” Add more to the lists.
10. Ask students questions to review. “Why do plants need leaves, stems and roots? What are the jobs of each plant part? Why are leaves shaped differently from each other? Why do larger plants have harder stems?”
11. Select a plant with large leaves, and tell students to think to themselves about everything we now know about leaves. Taking black construction paper and tape, completely cover one leaf. Instruct students to take out their writing pads and on a sheet of paper make three predictions. ...

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