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What Can We Do (To Help) In Our Environment

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What Can We Do with Our Environment?

In the course of today’s situation regarding our environment and health welfare, it is indeed clear and unarguable that except nobody, we all must be concerned. The interconnections among all living and non-living elements in this planet satisfactorily satisfies the question “Why should I be concerned with the environment and health of other people?” Basically, people can leave with a poor and unhealthy environment, but believe me or not, they’ll die young; or should I say, WE’LL die young. Because in the context of today’s environmental and health situations, we undisputedly have unsatisfactory conditions of these. According to studies, about 50% of our forest lands have already been converted into commercial, residential, industrial and other purposes. Coastal resources have been suffering from the vast effects of Climate Change. I tell you, this isn’t a joke. Environmental ...view middle of the document...

For the welfare of Philippine citizens, and as part of its mandate, the national government of the Philippines, particularly our current and his preceding president, President Noynoy Aquino and Gloria Macapagal-Arroyo launched different projects that concern our environment.

The Executive Order 533, signed by former President Arroyo is an order that requires all coastal Municipalities to have an ICM Plan or Integrated Coastal Management Plan. This ICM Plan is an upscaled version of the CRM Plan that was formulated years ago. Basically, this ICM Plan gives a chance to comprehensively identify all major problems regarding our coastal environment. As this plan uses the R2R approach or Ridge to Reef Approach, it includes the necessary actions to problems from the mountain ridges down to the coral reefs. Since it is integrated, the mountains are taken into consideration because usually, the problems in the highlands eventually go down to the ocean. This ICM Plan is currently being adopted by coastal municipalities, with the help of its primary implementer, the Department of Environment and Natural Resources.

On the other hand, under the term of PNoy, the National Greening Program or NGP was launched. This program intensifies the tree planting projects around the country. This project focuses on attaining certain targets of hectares of trees to be planted every year. For now, it focuses on planting indigent species. Also, it includes our wetlands and coastal environment as different species of mangroves are also to be planted to open implantable sites identified by the department of Environment and Natural Resources and of Bureau of Fisheries and Aquatic Resources. Currently, this NGP is the primary priority of the DENR.

It is indeed overwhelming to witness our government having these kinds of projects. We must note that these actions are towards the betterment of the welfare of the Filipino, towards OUR welfare. So, it is worth spending time to participate to these projects. We must always remember, in the context of industrial development, we should not compromise our environment if we do not want to compromise our own lives.

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