What Can You Do With A Brick?

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What Can You Do With a Brick

What Can You Do With a Brick?

A brick is just a piece of rock that you build a house with, at least that's what most people think; however, you can build may other things besides a house with a brick, bricks have many other awesome uses, and they can be very destructive. You can build many cool and amazing things with a brick. First of all, someone could build a fireplace or fire pit with bricks. Another cool thing someone could build with bricks is bookends. The most common thing people use bricks for is to build houses. Bricks can be used for many other awesome things too. You could use it for a doorstop, to hold up a belly pan of a bulldozer, or you could be creative and make an iHome. But a brick can be very destructive at the same time. If someone kicked a brick, they might break their toe. A Brick could break a window or crack a sidewalk. Beside those couple things, a brick can be very useful!

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Another creative thing you can build with a brick is a toothbrush holder. Just drill holes in the brick and wala!

The Brick can be used for many other awesome things. A single brick can be used as a doorstop. Also, a couple of bricks can be used to block tires of a car when it's parked on a hill. When a mechanic is changing the oil in a big piece of equipment, they can use a brick to hold up the belly pan while they drain the oil. Then they can use the brick to hold it up in place while they bolt it back in the bottom of the bulldozer, backhoe, ect. One of the coolest things you could do with a brick is to make an iHome. All you'd have to do is buy a pair of speakers and an iPod hookup, then hollow out two spaces for the speakers.

����������� Even though a brick can be useful, it can also be destructive at the same time. Have you ever got so mad that you just kicked something? What if that thing happened to be a brick? If it was a brick there's a possibility that it might break your toe. Another senario is you are building a house with bricks and your friend drops a brick and it lands on your toe. Ouch! Another way a brick can be destructive is if it's thrown through a window. First of all your mom would be really upset, especially if it was her window! And you'd have to pay for the window!�If a brick is dropped hard enough on a side walk, it might crack it. If it's brand new cement, you could get in lots of trouble

As you can see, a brick can be used to build many things, can be used in awesome ways, and can be destructive. We have gone through many things that a person can build with a brick. You could build a house, a fireplace, or a fire pit. Even the earliest Mesopotamian's used bricks to build their buildings. The brick can be used for many other things too, like a doorstop. It can also be used hold up a belly pan while the oil is changed in a bulldozer. The most creative thing to use a brick for is an iHome. However, a brick can be very destructive at the same time. It can break a person/' toe, break a window, or even crack a sidewalk. Subsequently, a brick can be used for many good things, but can also be very destructive.

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11th English

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