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What Challenges Do Organizations Face On The Organizational Behavior Front In The Age Of Globalization?

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What challenges do organizations face on the organizational behavior front in the age of globalization?
Firms are constantly changing their business model and organizational behavior to adapt to changing market forces. How business is conducted today is markedly different from prior decades due to technological advances and a change in the workforce population. Some of these sweeping business trends positively affect companies, while other trends generate mixed reactions.

How companies integrate their business practices with other countries has radically changed. Instead of controlling all aspects of the supply chain, companies outsource certain manufacturing tasks to other countries. ...view middle of the document...

Telecommuting requires companies to re-evaluate the way they judge employee performance and productivity. Instead of workers being evaluated by intangible measures like a cheerful attitude and demeanor, workers are judged on quantitative measures like output and sales figures. Similarly, employees must maintain high levels of productivity to retain the right to telecommute.

The notion of working for one company your whole life and retiring with a large pension has become increasingly outdated. Instead of workers tying their identity to a company, they are building their "brand of one" and pitching services to companies on a contractual basis. Industries prone to experiencing this shift include journalism, legal services and IT.
Though this shift may be uncomfortable for some as layoffs increase, the situation can be beneficial to both the employer and employee. Employers save money by eliminating healthcare and 401k benefits, and reducing rental and overhead costs. Steven Greenhouse, author of "The Big Squeeze: Tough Times for the American Worker", explains how this shift is beneficial as independent contractors have more flexible schedules and multiple sources of income. Additionally, most self-employed workers align themselves with their passion instead of performing a job just for a paycheck.

What challenges do organizations face on the organizational behavior front in the age of globalization?
Organizations today are faced with a host of issues, which may cripple their functionality, or in some extreme cases lender the organizations obsolete.
The organizations that are doing business with abroad are facing number of challenges due to collection of environmental factors. The managers of those organizations must plan, organize, lead and control effectively to manage cultural differences to become a successful organization globally
These challenges are dependent on the nature of operations of the organization but broadly, there are common challenges, which are faced by a majority of organizations.
Technological advancements today are on the increase more than in the previous century. For an organization to offer services, which are relevant, cost effective and compatible with the society needs, modern technology has to be employed. The initial cost of acquiring...

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