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What Connections Have You Found Between The Way Duffy And Pugh Present Relationships In Their Poetry

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Duffy and Pugh both present their poetry in similar and different ways. In the title of Duffy’s poem ‘whoever she was’ it suggests to be a nostalgic poem of someone without an identity, with the ‘whoever’ suggesting a careless attitude towards the character. Similarly in Pugh’s poem ‘hello’ the title suggests loneliness and the character wanting to create a relationship with someone. Duffy’s ‘whoever she was’ is written predominantly in third person, to create a careless attitude and detach the reader from the character, emphasising the lack of her relationship. However, Duffy uses a confusion of pronouns, ‘she, myself, I’ to exaggerate her confusion over her identity. Pugh’s poem is also ...view middle of the document...

The monosyllabic animal like words, ‘howled, shrieked, ripped, clawed, and retched’ suggests that her grief from her loss has caused her to become devoid of reason. This again is similar in Pugh’s poem, with sea imagery being used to show that the lonely man is aimlessly drifting with no direction. ‘Harbour life’ suggests noise and bustle, full of people, something which the characters life is certainly not full of. ‘Delaying the need to embark on a shipboard’ and ‘ocean’ suggest that the man is delaying death until he has had some sort of communication. This could also be interpreted as a memory of going to sea, and having to leave his beloved behind on the dock.
Repetition is used by both Duffy and Pugh to emphasise a point. The word ‘mummy’ is repeated at the beginning and end of a sentence in ‘whoever she was’ to emphasize that that was once her identity. In Duffy’s Mrs Lazarus, repetition is used in ‘over and over...dead, dead’ to emphasize the perceived finality of death and the end of relationship. In Pugh’s...

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