What Did I Learn From Child Development

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This is my very first time to take the Child Development class. At first I feel like there are too many theories and seem to I have a lot of things to read and remember and this is might not an easy class. Now I already finish my Chapter 6 and will finish my Child Development study for this time. I feel like I already got some ideas about this class and got more and more puzzles to build it up by myself. There are two theorists I have to mention first about this class, I think they play an important role on the Child Development field. One is Piaget and another is Vygotsky. Piaget posited that children learn through actively constructing knowledges through hands-on experience(Piaget's cognitive-development theory).He developed stages of development and suggested that the adult's role in helping the child learn was to provide appropriate materials for the child to interact and construct . ...view middle of the document...

Vygotsky was strongly focused on the role of culture in determining the child's pattern of development. He argued that “Every function in the child's cultural development appears twice:first, on the social level, and later, on the individual level,first between people and then inside the child. Many theorists posit stage theories, but Vygotsky did not support stages at all, instead that development was a continuous process. Besides these two theorists. I learned about the Biological foundation, prenatal development and birth. How the genetic information can be transmit and store through chromosomes. Which part of chromosomes can determining boy or girl and why the twins happen,etc.Then about the prenatal development part, from the conception to different periods,until the baby born, these all give me a series explain about any stage and the relationship between them.

After this, I learn about the early infancy learning and gross and fine motor development in the first two years at certain age. Also the Physical growth and charge from birth to adolescence and how hormonal influences on physical growth. From above what did I learned, that does really help me to take my first step on the child development field, it make a foundation for my later study about the Early Child Education and be a professional teacher. Because the early childhood is really important for any person it can build up a lot of life-long behavior and attitude. That is why the ECE teacher play such an important role . Besides all these, I have my own daughter and she is two years old now. What did I learn from this class also can help me to get along with her in the daily life. I will know some of her behavior much better than before I take this class and try to think and act from her point of view rather than push her to do anything. What did I learn so far help me about the my study and myself. This is my first class and just my first step in the Early Childhood Education field. I will take another class later and build up my knowledges more and more.

Cindy Yue Xu 2009-6-1

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