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What Do The Terms Race And Ethnicity Mean To You

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* What do the terms race and ethnicity mean to you?
* Well I would have to say that I experienced my own struggles with racism growing up being of Caucasian and African American descent growing up in a white neighborhood. But at the same time it wasn’t just a racial issue it was a stereotypical one too. I think that people get an eschewed perspective of the world due to their upbringing the things that they are subjected to or taught, by their family, friends and their surroundings. People tend to also fall into a norm as though to say also when it comes to stereotypes. People associate black people with fried chicken, rap music, gangs, drugs, and violence. They show on television shows and reality shows as blacks being the minority and technically speaking are. But people see these things on television and got out and live their lives this way only further prolonging the ...view middle of the document...

You’ve got to accomplish some pretty hard things in order to get into those positions. If it wasn’t something that was obtainable then I wouldn’t expect these people to be where they are. I will openly admit that I clash race and ethnicity together Asians as a whole are a race I looked at each individual ethnicity as being a separate race and I am wrong for that. I am still learning about different ethnicities and it’s definitely opened my eyes to a broader perspective on things or rather made me see things that I already knew but didn’t realize because I race seeing them the wrong way. But now with a different perspective to say that the term race would be African, Caucasian, or Asian. Your ethnicity would be your background, upbringing, culture, or religion. But as it also said in the reading material that the term race is so vast these days that there really isn’t necessarily any one specific race anymore the world is a giant melting pot my opinion.

Why are these concepts important to United States society?

To me these concepts are so important to the United States is because we are trying to establish a sort of economy to better suit all walks of life whether it pertains to languages, religions, ethnic background, ect.. Trying to establish a place where people are treated equally and fairly. Things are certainly not always this way as people can see in everyday life. But also in my opinion the United States has come a lot further in today’s day and age compare to the way things were 20 or 30 years ago. The advancements that people have made in the past and that people today continue to make show the potential that we could make. I also think that the United States by showing its interests in these concepts sets an example for other countries to follow in our footsteps that racial and ethnical diversities can be overlooked by discrimination and openly accepted as part of society instead of just as a minority granted we are not there yet and it will take a very long time if ever to get there but, the human race as a whole can do miraculous things when their head and hearts are in the right place

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