What Do You Think Is Simon’s Importance To The Novel And How Does Golding Present Him?

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In the novel ‘Lord of the Flies’ by William Golding, Simon plays a very important part. He is shown to be the Christ-like figure among the boys as he performs acts in the novel that relate to acts from the bible. Golding took Simon’s name from the New Testament, referring to Peter, to whom Christ said “Upon this rock I will build my church.” Lead disciple of Christ in the Bible, Simon in the novel is a shy visionary individual unrivalled even by Piggy, who is often described as ‘clear-sighted.’ He is even presented as helpful and community-spirited when helping Ralph with the shelters yet, on other occasions, he is reclusive and solitary. Simon shows great courage and bravery when walking in ...view middle of the document...

Simon shows his consideration towards the ‘littluns’ in the third chapter when he ‘found for them the fruit they could not reach’ indicating his kindness and sympathy. Simon’s caring nature is shown here in a more colourful and meaningful way. This contrasts to the older boys as they show no consideration towards the ‘littluns’ and amuse themselves by tormenting them. All the other boys seem to have inherited their goodness and morality from the external forces of civilisation which have seemed to erode slowly over time. The descriptions of the passage – ‘everywhere was the scent of ripeness’, ‘bars of honey-coloured sunlight’ – associate Simon with images of growth and light. The image of Simon feeding the ‘littluns’ is reminiscent of the Biblical story, ‘Feeding of the Five Thousand’. Simon gave the food to the ‘endless, outstretched hands’ as he ‘satisfied them’. Golding presents Simon as a Christ-like figure here contrasting to the devil-nature of Jack and Roger. Golding may have put Simon in this important position to show that, though he is physically weak, he is spiritual and divine.

In chapter 8, Simon sees the pig’s head on the stick resulting in him going into a cataleptic seizure. During which he speaks to the ‘Lord of the Flies’ who introduces itself as the ‘Beast’ that has consumed and terrified the boys over the course of the novel. The beast shows a dislike towards Simon as he informs Simon of ‘man’s essential illness’. Simon...

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