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What Does A Marketer Do Essay

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According to the Business Dictionary online a marketer is defined as “a person whose duties include the identification of the goods and services desired by a set of consumers, as well as the marketing of those goods and services on behalf of a company.” Being a marketer isn’t just about advertising goods. There is a lot more depth than just that, in order to be good at selling a product you must know the four P’s that relate to marketing. They are Product, Promotion, Place and Price.
Marketer’s main job is to sell a product. Marketers must understand what customers actually wants out of there product. This helps them with promoting the product, thus allowing the business to sell it onto the customer. Knowing the product inside and out is a good attribute of a marketer. In order for a product to retain its competitiveness in the market, ...view middle of the document...

“Myer shoppers are not very different people from general department store shoppers.” (Sharp 2013, p. 221) Therefor the marketing team at Myer must create an advertising campaign that encourages people to shop with them rather than somewhere else.
Place outlines where customers look for your product. Marketers must identify these areas and take advantage of them in order to maximise profits. These are called distribution channels. Markets will determine whether or not sell their product in physical places of distribution for example department stores or supermarkets, or virtual places of distribution for example online shops or app stores. These are decisions made by the marketing team within companies.
Determining a price for a product can be very tricky, that is why marketers must do research in order to properly price their product. There are 3 different methods marketers can use in order to price their product, they are cost-based, market-based and value based. These can make all the difference in a company’s success, “The price placed on goods and services has a direct effect on sales revenue (revenue=volume x price), and therefore the profit or loss of a firm (profit=revenue – costs).” (Sharp 2013). Sharp simply outlines the necessity for proper pricing.
Marketers use these tools along with many steps that are taken to insure success in a business’ marketing plan. Identifying the marketing mix is just part of the process within the large scale job that is marketing, they are all used in unison to identify the goods and services desired by customers, thus fulfilling their duties as a marketer.
•, viewed 12 March 2016

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