What Does It Mean To Say That Romantic Love Is A Moral Issue Do You Agree

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It is not easy to act both generally and individually morally, when people are blinded by passion and flourish of romantic love. That is why someone calls romantic love is a moral issue. Morality differentiate actions into right and wrong, and right actions are constituted by permissible and obligatory (Halwani 2010, p.89). We should eschew wrong actions, however, can we summarise romantic love is morally prohibited? Sometimes love hurts people when love is selfish or attachment; while sometimes love also brings happiness and support from outside of us. Romantic love is beyond dualism, just like Halwani (2010, p.92) states ' romantic love is not a basic good...it is not morally suspect ...view middle of the document...

Therefore, Ehman indicates romantic love is preferential:

The fundamental requirement of love is to raise the beloved above all others and to give her a privileged status in our life...The fundamental requirement of morality in contrast is to treat all persons as having equal worth and to justify all special treatment of a person by reference to universally valid principles. (Ehman, quoted in Halwani 2010, p.91)

Ehman pointed that morality is opposite to preferential treatment of love, does it mean that love is immoral when it involves the preferential treatment? Preferential treatment is not only applied to romantic love, but also can be found in parents-children, friendship, and other intimate relationships. In order to maintain the relationships with their families, friends and lovers, people will contribute extra time, money and attention to them. Without the notion of preferential treatment, we cannot have friends or lovers, or even our families properly. Hence, Halwani gives morality a choice: ' to accept this fact and monitor it to ensure that the treatment is not excessive or at the expense of obligations to others, or it will have to ask us to eschew intimate relationship altogether' (Halwani 2010, p.92).

Consequentialism is focus on moral result only; a particular action is morally good only if it produces a good result. In another words, consequentialism is a result based ethic. Utilitarianism is a typical example of result based ethic. This says that the morally good choice in a given situation is the one that produces the most happiness. However, Kantian ethics is centre around people’s motives. Kant claims that any action could be moral only based on the motives are moral. Motive is everything to determine the morality of an action. However, consequentialism disregards the motives involved in an action, such as utilitarians, which try to treat the action and the actor separately, and look for the most happiness and the least harm for the big picture. For example, killing an entirely innocent person, 10 other innocent persons would be saved. According to utilitarianism, killing one innocent person is justified because it would maximise utility, as 10 people saved. While Kantian ethics would say it is inherently wrong to murder people, the innocent person cannot be killed, even though it results in the death of 9 more people. Through this comparison, 'utilitarianism is too demanding...Kantian ethics is not as demanding' (Halwani 2010, p.96). Then, whether and Kantian ethics are permissible to undertake romantic love? For consequentialism, the theory requires an agent to act with an eye to treat each person equally in order to avoid the issue of favouring loved ones and partiality. Indeed, for the sake of maximising good states of affairs in a long term, 'it might allow for the idea that agent treat loved ones with the usual favouritism on the grounds' (Halwani 2003, p.93). Kant introduces a famous concept is called...

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