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What Does It Mean To Strategically Manage Employees? Identify And Explain The Three Primary Hr Activities. Which Of The Three Primary Hr Activities Is Most Challenging And Why?

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Strategically managing employees is the practical management of the people. It gives broader viewpoint to the employees and also can help them to give better understanding of their job. It can relate employees to understand that how their job fits in plan and with the other member of an organization. Strategic human resource management is designed to help an organization to meet the need of their employees in such a way and in along with it achieve company's goals. To strategically manage the employees, a company needs to think ahead and plan to meet the needs of the employees and for them to better needs of the company. They can effectively face the environmental changes in the organization as well as evaluate the impact of it on their job.

The three primary human resources activities are:

1.Recruitment and selection: Recruitment and selection is the first phase of human resource management. ...view middle of the document...

He/she is introduced to the organization culture and given initial training for the job. Manager to the work group is responsible for the orientation. On the job and off the job training can be given to the employee, which helps them to understand the Job itself and how it should be done. The length of training varies according to the organization, difficulty level of job and skill of that person itself.

3.Development, Performance management and Rewards: Managers are responsible to provide feedback to the employee about their performance after the training or while in the job so that they can know their strength and weakness and improve it. Compensation and rewards, development opportunities and chances to work independently or with other workers as per the requirement can be provided to motivate the employee. This is significant for the development and management of employee performance to achieve and sustain their levels of performance.

In my viewpoint, Recruitment and selection of HR activities is the most challenging. When a vacant position is created the primary complexity is to have the right people ready at the right time and at the right place. Although the candidates for the vacant position exceeds the availability but the suitable talent remains scarce. The increased competitiveness among the firms ensures that finding new ways to increase the level of talent in the organization remains the challenge facing the human resources. HR manager faces the dilemma whether to hire the people with required skills or train them to develop the skills required for the position. In the process of Recruitment and Selection, HR departments need to balance the cost for training and recruitment.


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