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What Does Religion Mean? Religion Is Defined As “a Worship

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What does religion mean? Religion is defined as â??a worship of God or gods; faith; system of beliefâ? in The New Websterâ??s Dictionary. Religion is also a mean of not being scared for after death. Many people are afraid of death, so they have a religion, in which they believe in â??Godâ? so that everything will be alright after they die. Religion is taught because it is an example of an upbringing in life. We inherit religion through our families, so it can b taught and passed down from generation to generation. In Bless Me, Ultima, Ruldolfo Anaya shows Antonio Marez as he matures, and by the end of the novel Antonio seems to lose faith in his religion, ...view middle of the document...

In my mind I could not understand how the power of God could fail. (106) as the curing of my uncle Lucas. And I thought, the power of God failed where Ultimaâ??s worked. (114) Antonio sees that Ultimaâ??s power is far beyond the power of God. Antonio questions his Godâ??s ability and power, which he has never seen. It is true what they say, â??if you see it, then you believe it.â? Antonio sees Ultimaâ??s magic and begins to have faith, but he also sees the golden carp in which he also begins to have faith in it.Antonio believes in the golden carp because he has seen it with his very own eyes, so he starts to believe that there are other Gods out there.I doubted the God of my fore fathers, the Gods of the Lunas, and I knew I praised the beauty of the golden carp. (244) â??I could not have been more entranced if I had seen the Virgin, or God Himself. I knew I had witnessed a miraculous thing, the appearance of a pagan godâ? (114).These quotes show the true religion he believes in. He has described the...

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