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What Does The Paragraph Tell Us About Plutarch’s View Of The Relationship Between Antony And Cleopatra?

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Assignment 01

Part 01

What does the paragraph tell us about Plutarch’s view of the relationship between Antony and Cleopatra?

Plutarch first introduces us to Antony and Cleopatra by immediately trying to enforce a view of Cleopatra as a watcher or guardian to Antony, no matter where Antony went Cleopatra was with him to amuse him, keep him company or to play along with his schemes. She kept him in constant tutelage, and released him neither night nor day (assignment booklet AA100 pg. 18). Plutarch also holds the view that Cleopatra is manipulative and has an agenda of her own, one way in which this is seen, is to have a servant hook a Pontic (kipper) to Antony’s line, when ...view middle of the document...

Plutarch views Antony as a once great man who has lost all of his mental faculties; he has become soft, effeminate because of his relationship with Cleopatra. He has become a lover and a dancer instead of a fighter (reputations book1 pg. 8), Cleopatra is viewed as a manipulative temptress that takes all that is good about Antony and crushes it to further her own agenda, she does not see Antony as an equal just a pawn to be manipulated.

Part 02

Outline the main differences between Zurbaran’s still life with lemons, orange and a rose and Cezanne’s jug and fruit.

The first differences noticed between the two paintings are the backgrounds, Cézanne has used a light background of rough stroked pinks and blues, this is to contrast the darker table and make you focus more on the foreground and its elements. Whereas Zurbaran has used a dark background to create a dramatic flattening effect making the table and especially the fruit jump out at you and be the only thing in your field of vision.

The next is a difference in brush stroke; Cézanne uses expressive multi directional and thick strokes this is known as a painterly technique and gives the painting a solid and rustic feel, Zurbaran on the other hand uses fine small strokes, known as a minimal or linear making the painting appear very fine.

The composition in the paintings, Cézanne uses a very narrow tonal range of colours creating a calm and atmospheric effect; Zurbaran’s use of tonal range is wide and gives the painting...

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