What Events And Figures Have Shaped The Development Of Islam In The United States?

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Islam has the second largest following in the world. It is the principal religion that extends from Morocco on the Atlantic through Africa and into sub-Saharan Africa, across the expanse of central and South-West Asia to deep into the Indies and Tibet. However, while the history of Islam is very long. compared to that of its presence in the United States., it is short. Though the image of what it held back in the day has been changed, it is little known ...view middle of the document...

During the wars, the oil industry and the post war developments brought many Americans to the Islamic countries; large number of Muslims also came to America, for the first time. At first as students, then as teachers of businessmen or visitors, and eventually as full fledged immigrants.All was well really until America helped form Israel and supported/ funded its development, which still continues to this day. The creation of the state brought many strong anti-American feelings into the area and even created radical groups some, which have attained power now. However even with this, the cold war, the American creation of the Taliban to fight off the Soviet invades of the Middle-East, etc., It never seemed to really affect immigration and most importantly trade relations. This is because America to many of Islam is still a beacon of opportunity. A place of stable politics, a place where money can be made from ideas and religious rites are not interfered with, and a place where a family can blossom. As long as the relationship isn't too imbalanced and Islamic fear mongering doesn't get the best of people, I'm sure we will see many more developments as the Islamic population grows in the US.

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