What Every Girl Has Wanted To Say To Every Guy

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Sometimes when you least expect it, when you’re finally getting back into the hang of things, love creeps up on you. It finds you single, fairly happy with the proceedings of your life, and it completely turns your world around. It’s funny that love never comes you most need it, but when you’ve just began to learn to live without it. It makes you sporadic, completely blissful one day and completely miserable the next. All of us women, when we started off, couldn’t care less about you with your cocky smile and attitude to match. Before we nagged you “all the time”, wondered where you were, and wondered who you were with, we were functioning pretty well. Then you come along. ...view middle of the document...

And then like all statistics show, it is over not much later than when it first began. Whether it ends because you and I fought a lot, or there was another girl, guy, or we just didn’t want the same things anymore, it hurts all the same. And then I cry. I try not to, but that just makes the feeling worse. People tell me that “what doesn’t kill you makes you stronger”. Others send me empowering messages such as, “To all the men that think they don’t need to buy the cow because the milk is free, more women are wising up to the fact that for 7 ounces of sausage it isn’t worth buying the whole pig”. I get a haircut. I go through a phase where I can’t get out of bed. And a slightly embarrassing period of time when I laugh extra loud in your presence, and pretend for the sake of my dignity, that everything that happened didn’t faze me. There is a time where I physically wrestle with myself not to text or IM you, and especially not to send you a mistext (that move is pathetic). It comes to point that I will talk to anyone who will listen, even if it is a complete stranger I just met a...

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