What Evidence Is There In The Extract Above Of The Three Explanations For Chartism’s Support That You Learned About In Block 2 Unit 2, Making Sense Of History, And Which, If Any, Is Stressed Most Strongly By The Speaker?

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This essay will discuss the support for the Chartism drawing on both primary and secondary sources. The extract being discussed was taken from the Northern Star and was published on 6th July 1839. The Northern Star newspaper was a Chartist supporting newspaper and as such is considered to be a primary source. This essay will use the evidence from the extract to prove that there are three explanations for the growing support of the chartist movement; economic conditions, the need for a national political movement and a desire for an inclusive cultural community.
The economic situation in Great Britain between 1837 and 1842 was a time of great recession and so when the speech was given in ...view middle of the document...

It has been suggested that ‘Chartism gained a mass audience by offering people a political solution to their distress’ (Steadman Jones, Open University, Block 2 p42) that is very evident in the extract. The speaker suggests that an acceptance of the National Petition, by Parliament, will bring about ‘political equality, social comfort and domestic happiness. The speaker is arguing that through political reform many other reforms will then become possible.
The working classes were vital to the success of the whole Chartist movement. The need to engage directly with the mass of population who were suffering, rather than the elite hierarchy, was the key feature of Chartism. To facilitate this they held mass public meetings in accessible places and charged no money for attending or joining the cause. They were trying to promote an inclusive community. They used these platforms to empower the audience. The speaker addresses the crowd as ‘the brave men and fair women of York’. He also gives the working class the hope that they can help themselves with the introduction of the charter. This view is supported by Eileen Yeo who stated that the emphasis should be placed on the people trying to make the change. Yeo stated that ‘the chartists tried to construct a real democratic process which was relevant to the hard material situation of the working people ‘ (Yeo, Eileen (1982), secondary source 3...

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