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What Excites Me About My Future In Technology

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Ibukunoluwa Sobayo
Lee University
April 10, 2015
What Excites Me About The Future Of Technology?
It is not news that we are at the peak of technological advancements that will change our lives. Nothing has made more impact on how we live our lives today or carry the potential to so seriously improve the human condition, as the technologies each one of us now has at our disposal, and the wonders yet to come. The inter-connectedness we have, the vast amounts of information accessible to us in less than a minute, the way in which anyone with basic knowledge can communicate with their friends and family, or even the entire world is quite impressive. The ease and convenience with which we can access almost any resource on the internet using anything from a mere personal computer to a small smart device in the pocket is highly impressive. I am encouraged and grateful to be part of such a great global innovation. I truly believe ...view middle of the document...

Asides from personal technological advancements, I see a great future in technology in the aspect of healthcare. It is not news that the chances of technology improving the quality and longevity of life are increasingly looking positive these years. As a matter of fact, it is proposed that the global artificial vital organs and medical bionics market is expected to reach $32.3 billion in 2018 (Brooks, 1). As an international student, the proposition of machines that provide remote treatment to countries that have no access to medical facilities is one aspect that keeps motivating me in this discipline of mine. Many people seem to ignore this part because they are not affected by these innovations. However, I have realized that technology is not just another privilege for those in developed countries but provides opportunities for those in poorly-developed countries to better their quality of life and join the rest of the world in progressing as one.
In addition, another aspect that gets me excited for technology is security. In all honesty, security issues will always be a problem everyone faces although on different levels. From security issues at home to cyber-attacks and theft to terrorist attacks. While many have insisted that technology has added to global security issues, it is hard to deny the fact that technology has a higher potential of assisting with security. Creating machines that can detect abnormal activities and even search for terrorist camps so these people can be stopped are innovations that could evolve in the nearest future.
Although, I do not ignore the problems advancement of technology has raised such as hacking and cyber theft, I must say the future of technology is very bright and I am very glad for the opportunity to be able to contribute and experience the joys of this bright future. Improving the quality of life with technology especially in developing countries is a dream dear to my heart which is why I am applying for this scholarship to assist in funding my education so I can achieve my dream.

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