What Goes Around Comes Around Essay

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What Goes Around Comes AroundIn the United States of America, some children are born into criminal activities like drug dealing, pimping, or hustling. These children walk a path that will eventually lead to their death, land them in prison, or make them rich. Despite attempts by so-called positive figures to educate and change the mindset of these misguided individuals, the influence of the criminal survival lifestyle is still more powerful. The concept here being: if you have never known any other way to live then why would you seek to change it?This individual may change, but it is rare that they are able escape his or her past. This narrative deals with two men who live opposite ...view middle of the document...

Jay and his two younger brothers grew up in a household where TV during the school year was not allowed, daily chores had to be completed, and daily reading was mandatory. Jay took the place of his absent father. He felt that it was his duty to help his brothers succeed. Throughout his high school career Jason maintained a 4.0 GPA. He worked as a manager part-time after school at FedEx. He used the money he made from his part-time job to help his mother pay the bills. Times were hard but Jay realized that sometimes you have to sacrifice and help people out.As Jay drove home from work one day, he spotted a man being carjacked at gunpoint. Jay called the police on his cell phone but he was placed on hold. Jay decided to be courageous and used his car to sandwich the carjacker. The police arrived a couple of minutes later and apprehended the carjacker. This was not the first time G had been in the wrong place at the wrong time, George introduced himself, thanked Jason and made plans repay the good deed he had done by showing Jay a night out on the town.. That weekend Jay accompanied G to an exclusive downtown nightclub where G introduced him to celebrities like Jennifer Lopez, Jerry Rice, Michael Jordan, and Janet Jackson. Jay burdened with responsibility, never had a chance to go out and have fun, but with G he received instant glamour and fame. Jason liked him because he suddenly acquired everything he never had: popularity, women, and friendship. G's reputation with the rich and famous was only the sweet side of George Patterson; the sour side would soon reveal itself.Unbeknownst to Jason, G is the notorious "Baby Face Gangster" who is said to have allegedly killed over 100 hundred men with his bare hands. G's generous nature toward Jason gave the illusion that G was repaying a debt. It didn't take long for G and Jason's friendship to blossom. They cruised the town, watched sports and even entertained women together. G and Jay soon became great friends who could depend on his on each other for anything.G asked Jay to do him a favor one day and pick up a package for him. He wanted to know if FedEx could retrieve packages from stores for him. Thinking this was going to be a one-time thing Jay agreed, but a week later the request came again. Jay didn't want to refuse his boy; this was the only friend he had ever really known. As the packages began increasing in weight so did the problem. Jay had been delivering packages through FedEx cheap as a favor to G, but the increase in size would cause a discrepancy on the books. He delivered about fifty or more packages for G, but never questioned what was inside them.Jay decided to show his new employee Bob how to load a delivery truck. After he finished instructing him, he assigned Bob a truck and inspected his progress. Bob loaded the truck until he reached a box that was too heavy for him to carry. He struggled to pick up the enormous box, but drops it because of its massive weight. As the enormous...

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