What Has Informed Your Decision To Choose A Career In Social Work And What Do You Feel You Will Be Able To Bring To The Profession?

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What Has Informed Your Decision To Choose A Career In Social Work And What Do You Feel You Will Be Able To Bring To The Profession?

From an early age I developed a strong interest in working with children with disabilities. This passion started when I joined a youth club, at the age of 10, called P.H.A.B (physically handicapped and able bodied) where I stayed for 8 years going on to become an honorary member and junior leader. Later working within a residential community home where several of the young people lived. From very early on I placed a large emphasis upon enabling disabled/vulnerable individuals to live within society, play an active part within their local community and be ...view middle of the document...

Whilst working for Social Services within the Youth Offending Team, I have developed an insight and understanding about the demands, pressures and restraints placed upon social workers. These can make the job particularly difficult, especially where there are large staff shortages and funding issues. I have also experienced the frustrations that this can cause.

I find it incredibly sad that many families so often see Social Services as the enemy, as there is an assumption that their involvement will lead to a child being removed and a family destroyed, which so often is not the case. I believe the media to be partly responsible for the negative image, that is often portrayed about social workers and feel it is important for the public to be aware of the many success cases where social workers have been involved and the value of their role. As an individual currently working for Social Services and also previously within social care professions I believe the challenge is to work at breaking down these negative images and increase the general publics understanding of the demands placed upon Social Services as a whole and the value they contribute to society, whilst maintaining effective practise.

I am committed toward social care work and see this as my long-term career. As a result, I have undertaken extensive training whilst working for Hampshire County Council during the past 4 years with the objective to continually improve my skills within specific areas. The knowledge I have gained from this training, education and practise will show in my work competence. I also attend an evening course in British Sign Language, with the intent to enhance my communication methods with individuals who are deaf or have communication difficulties. This is of specific benefit to a current child for whom I provide regular respite care. In addition I am undertaking an accredited training programme to continue increasing my expertise of working directly with hard to reach families. Since joining the Youth Offending Team it has been a steep learning curve, which will be invaluable to my future practise within...

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