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What Healthcare Organizations Have Instituted Transformational Changes To Create A Learning Organization?

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What healthcare organizations have instituted transformational changes to create a learning organization?
Learning organizations are some of the most successful organizations. People keep an interest in their organization as long as things change and something new is learned. In this paper, I will identify two healthcare organizations that have instituted transformational changes to promote/create a learning organization. I will discuss all of the following concerning both healthcare organizations:
• The problems/issues that lead to the change or the needs for change.
• The various stakeholders involved in the change.
• The time frame involved in the change process.
• The financial ...view middle of the document...

The focuses of the patient care problem were “reducing patient falls and pressure ulcers, focusing on creating high functioning patient care teams, and creating a healthy work environment.” (Emory Healthcare Nursing Annual Report, 2009). The focuses of the hand hygiene problem was to make it routine; because some of the faculty did not frequently wash their hands. A couple of the problems that VHA faced was not educating soldiers on their rights and benefits; and patient care. The goal for the VHA was “Unceasing efforts of everyone….to make changes that will lead to better patient outcomes (health), better system performance (care) and better professional development (learning)…” (VHA Systems Redesign: A Plan for Organizational Transformation, 2011). Soldiers were not educated on the benefits they were entitled to as well as the rights they had. Many soldiers missed out on all of the benefits that they were entitled to due to not being educated on them. Many soldiers were mistreated because they did not know their rights. Patient care has improved drastically over the years, but the problems that made the VHA transform that aspect of the organization were that veterans were being mistreated, used, and abused.
There are various stakeholders involved in both organizations. Due to the similarity of both organization their stakeholders are, but not limited to, the government; employees; customers, community, and suppliers. All stakeholders have a voice in each organization. The time frame for change for both organizations varied a little. EUH program was routine in two year, while VHA program took four years. Why was there a two year variation in making the programs routine? The main factor that contributed to the different time frames was the amount of people seen by the organizations. EUH mainly dealt with the local community, while VHA dealt with all veterans in every state. Another factor that contributed to the time differences was resources. With every organizational plan, there is a need for money. According to the text, “Strategic planning is an organization’s process of defining its corporate strategy and direction, and making decisions on allocation of resources (including people and financial capital) to pursue that strategy.” (Johnson, 2009, pg 373). The funds needed for both organizations came from some of the individual stakeholders, charities, and the government. The above stakeholders allocated the money needed to successful put the plans in place.
There are always issues that arise when change is...

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