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What I Am Writing: Portraying The Life Through The Works

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What I Am Writing:
Portraying The Life Through the Works

Every person has had a significant moment in their life in which they can state is the reason for a change in the way they’re living: a moment that has influenced the person greatly in many different aspects of life. If it wasn’t for “this” there would be no “that” type of significant life experience. Many of the occurrences we experience in our lifetime often seem minute in significance, but may become very relevant at a later date. We rarely can predict how a situation will affect and shape our lives until after it occurs and takes its place in history. Afterwards we are able to trace back to that situation and gain a ...view middle of the document...

Jamaica Kincaid and Audre Lorde are both Caribbean born writers, which gives them similarities in their poems and in their lifestyles. These two woman of the same culture are known to be closely bonded with their mothers, even if there is a love/hate type of relationship between them. In an interview with Kay Bonetti, the founder and directory of American Audio Prose Library (AAPL), when asked about her writings and her mother’s influence in one of her stories, Jamaica Kincaid states: “I was writing this story and I had a lot of information about my family and their history, and I used it in this way. My mother used to tell me a lot of things about herself. It’s perhaps one of the ways in which I became a writer.” A few lines later she speaks on how certain plots and settings are more subconscious than consciously picked and chose. In “Girl”, which is a dialogue between a daughter and mother who is providing guidance about becoming a lady to her teenage daughter in a list-like form the tone that it is written in gives me the feeling that she [the writer] is going through memories she had experienced. The mom speaks on all topics ranging from washing clothes, to getting rid of a child before it becomes a child and being allowed to feel the bakers’ bread. The reason it feels as if it’s a trip down memory lanes is the reoccurring underlined theme of becoming and/or being a sluttish young lady. This contributes to the fact that conscious writing being subconscious thoughts and shows the type of relationship Kincaid shared with her mother. Kincaid’s dealing with her mother’s constant pressures of doing well and being a better person was a positive and influence on her writings. This is shown in “Girl”, by taking notice to how all the advice mentioned is positive and instrumental to her growing up and well being. She was taught how to wash clothes, how to iron, cook, buy cotton, how to grow okra, and how to hygiene properly, everything that would be benefit her in the long run.
Audre Lorde’s relationship with her mother as portrayed in her poem “From the House of Yemanjá” was ambivalent and secretive. It was secretive in the sense of it having many insecurities and uncertainties. Audre Lorde as defined by her: Was a Caribbean descendant, black woman, lesbian, mother poet, political activist and teacher. She was her mothers’ fifth and last born female child and encountered some difficulties as she grew up. She didn’t begin to speak until she was age of 4 and seeing how she was around so many different personalities all the time, she tried to develop a sense of self and distinction. Her first attempt was to change the way her name was spelled: her reasoning was that she “didn’t like the tail of the Y hanging down below the line in Audrey,” (Zami 24) so she decided to no longer use it. In regards to her mother-daughter relationship there weren’t any extracurricular activities going on; it remained just how it looks, a mother and a daughter...

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