What Is Change And How Is It Represented And Linked In The Four Texts Here Without You By 3 Doors Down, Spring Hail And The Widower In The Country By Les Murray And Sky High By Hannah Robert?

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Change is inevitable, yet it can be denied depending on who and when they experience this change and also on the passing of time. Time can bring forth wanted and unwanted change. In 'Sky High' by Hannah Robert, Les Murray's 'Spring Hail' and 'The Widower in the Country' and 'Here Without You' by 3 Doors Down all demonstrate various aspects of how change is due to the passing of time, which is inevitable.In the text, 'Sky High' by Hannah Robert, change is seen as something which is as a result of the change in time and how change can bring maturity. The persona is remembering back on how she changed from a carefree, innocent child to the mature, responsible adult that she is today. She ...view middle of the document...

This change in tone can be seen as a change in attitude of the composer.However, in contrast, Les Murray's poem, 'Spring Hail', the tone remains sad and reminiscent all throughout the poem, even though the main idea being communicated by the two texts are the same. 'Spring Hail' is also about the composer reminiscing back to his childhood days. Once again, it is related to time and how 'growing up' is inevitable. Like 'Sky High', it is a transformation from childhood to adulthood. The hailstorm in the poem represents the 'event' which is the catalyst for the change. After the hailstorm finishes, there is a change in tone and by the use of assonance which slows down the rhythm - "the beaded violence had ceased"- which shows the change that has occurred in him. The adrenaline, the excitement of being a child had all 'slowed down'.Les Murray begins the poem by using a 'chorus' which is repetitive and appears between every second stanza. He also uses this chorus to conclude the poem, but it is slightly different to the original, suggesting the change that has take place throughout the poem. Once again, like 'Sky high', the poem is written in first person to emphasise the change in inner self and the journey that the persona has to go through in order to change from one thing to another. The use of first person allows the responders to undergo what the composer went through and what he felt about the change. At the end, the persona has accepted the change that had occurred to him as he acknowledges that the transition from and child to an adult is unavoidable.Nevertheless, change can also be denied. The song ' Here without You' by 3 Doors Down suggests that even though the change took place over time, it can easily be denied by the individual, who has experienced the change, even though everyone else has accepted it. The lover has left him and the whole world has changed for him, because his lover is no longer there with him.The composer begins the song by mentioning how immense the change was to him by using hyperboles. - "A hundred days have made me colder since the last time that I saw her pretty face. A thousand lies have made me colder and I don't think I can look at this the same." He believes that it time which made this change occur in him, whereas the change in his life had already occurred when his lover left him. In the chorus, the composer denies the change by acknowledging the fact that he is by himself without her but she is still in his mind. In reality, his lover has left him, but to him, the lover is still there with him. - "I'm here without you baby but you're still on my lonely mind" There is constant enjambment throughout the verses and the constant uses of conjunctions such as and & but, which is ironic because the continuity doesn't not change at all in the song. This can be seen to represent the continuous, never-changing love that he still has for his lover.The music is also used to show the change. The song begins very...

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