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What Is Chemistry Essay

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Charles Barker
Subhashis Nandy

When living in a world such as ours, chemistry plays a large role in how society interacts. Chemistry can be viewed from many different angles because of its dynamics when dealing with the nouns of life (People, places, and things). With people, chemistry is how he or she connects to their social conformity. With places, chemistry is the structure and atmosphere that brings about the culture to the arena. With things, chemistry is the accuracy and measurement that brings the degree of closeness to the true value of its quality. In this paper, one will cover chemistry in terms of accuracy and ...view middle of the document...

The liquid goods that are sold in mass quantity need to be measured with precision. If there is inadequacies on the quantities sold, then the United States government will not incorporate a profit from the good sold. What it comes down to is supply and demand and the chance to retain a profit from the precision of the weight and how much to distribute of an item in most situations. Another angle to which society depends of accuracy and precision of measurement are within the food market. It is important to understand how to order in quantity that will last from one month to the next.
The scientific method
A scientific method is a way to ask questions and answering them by making observations and doing experiments. The steps of the scientific method are: Ask a question, do background research, construct a hypothesis, test the hypothesis by doing an experiment, analyze your data and draw a conclusion, communicate your results. When looking at these steps the explanation of them are rather simple. To ask a question means to open the floor for discussion to gain an...

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