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What is Evil?
What do you think of when you hear the word evil? Maybe, if you have a certain religious belief, e.g. Christianity or Judaism, so you would see evil in the shape of Satan, Lucifer or the Devil. From a non-religious point of view, evil might be seen upon as the “shadow self”, which is basically your conscience. The question that next comes upon us, is why humankind allows evil to become a part of our every day lives. Maybe, it is because not all humans share the same definition of what is right and hard, and what is wrong and easy.

If you have children, you could send mixed ideas to them about good and evil. You tell them it is evil to kill one another but encourage them to fight in wars in which killing is expected and even rewarded. You tell them that hate ...view middle of the document...

All of our thoughts are pretty much based on opposites. We have to know what light is, to see darkness, what love is to see hate, and what good is to see evil. As us humans have the capacity to reason and to form conclusions based upon logic and clear thought, you would have thought, that our world would be clear of evil.

Why do people suffer?
If we have a perfect God, (if you believe in him/her/it) then you would have thought that we would have a clean world without any sufferings or natural disasters. Unfortunately, because we have sufferings, ect, this means that we do not have a perfect God. He is not all fair, nor all loving because of all the millions of people that die unfairly in natural disasters or because of various illnesses. Christians believe that the people that die are people who have sinned greatly, or if are children or a baby, that they will sin greatly in later life. In Judaism, they believe that G_d says that it a simple human would not be able to understand something as great as that.
Lots of religions come up with their own reason for this, but none of them are big enough to cover the big gaping hole that covers the existence of God. I think that the answer to this question, is that nobody actually knows for sure because it is played upon different beliefs. Either that is the answer, or God is not the “person” he says he is because he cannot be all loving and all fair because of natural disasters, ect.

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