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What Is Family/Domestic Violence? Essay

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Family Violence/ Domestic Violence

What is family/domestic violence?
Any act or threatened act of violence committed by a person against another person to whom such person is related by blood.

• Family violence takes on a variety of forms.
• Child, physical, sexual, financial, mental and emotional abuses. Domestic violence is the worst kind of violence.
• Committed by someone you love, trust, respect and suppose to feel safe around with.
• Family violence can happen between parents and children, parent and parent.
• Domestic violence cases have too often been a low law enforcement priority, and the results have had tragic consequences.
• U.S. ...view middle of the document...

o Penalties for violating restraining orders are more sever than they used to be, police are more likely to arrest men for violations.
o Potential shame of public exposure as well as legal penalties help to keep all but the worst abusers from going against such orders.
• Community involvement helps prevent domestic violence
o Most successful projects raise awareness of the problem and help community residents find the services they need, including shelters and counselling.
o Effective programs also build networks of leaders who will work to end violence.
o These programs involve local people at every step of the process, recognizing that the social changes needed to eliminate domestic violence must be developed by those who live in the communities where violence occurs rather than being imposed from the outside.
• Men can play an important role in preventing domestic violence
o Men who respect women, never battered women need to take an active role in preventing domestic violence by showing other men that disrespect, whether in the form of actual battering or sexist jokes, is WRONG.
o They need to counter common beliefs such as the idea that showing or discussing feelings is unmanly or that manhood is proved through control of women.
o Men who recognize that domestic violence is a men’s as well as a women’s issue can take a number of steps to prevent or reduce violence in their communities.
• Educational programs aid in preventing domestic violence
o Education, particular of children and teens, is the best way to prevent domestic violence and sexual...

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