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What Is Real? Essay

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The philosophy question “what is really real?” is metaphysics that has to do with the construction and criticism of theories about what is truly real. The book uses the example of traveling down a road what looked like and animal; but when closer, it is discovered that it was really a bush. It appeared to be real but turned out not to be. Or it appeared to be one thing and when closer was something else. Philosophers in the textbook, George Berkeley and Plato have different viewpoints on the question “what is really real?”
George Berkeley’s theory on metaphysics is called subjective idealism, the philosophy of perception. He argued that reality consists of created minds, an infinite (God) mind, and the ideas (thoughts, feelings and sensations) these minds have. All of these things are immaterial. This ...view middle of the document...

The theory of Forms is a form in the mental concept or idea we have of something. The book uses the example of a table. If we saw different shapes of tables would we still classify them as tables? It depends on the person and how they perceive what a table looks like. Being is immaterial and of greater value than the material. Plato believed that humans were made up of body and soul. One power that our souls have is the power of thought (mind) and this is our most valuable thing.
After reading on the different viewpoints on metaphysics “what is really real?” I agree with Plato. It depends on what an individual mind perceives when looking at an object. It is neither right nor wrong. For example I remember the episode of the Cosby Show when Claire is asked to be a guest on a show and Cliff is back stage with a tray of donuts and coffee. Claire asked the janitor to watch Cliff to make sure he doesn’t eat the donuts. The janitor said his wife doesn’t allow him to eat donuts either. As Cliff and the janitor were talking, the janitor picked up a donut that was shaped long and wide from the tray. Cliff said, “What are you doing?” The janitor said, “This is not a donut!” The tray was full of donuts with different shapes and sizes. However, the janitors’ perception of a donut was the usual circle shape with the hole.
“What is really real?” does not have an answer. Studying this chapter was clearly based on opinion from each philosopher. We can not know a real object is real apart from our own perception of it. I don’t think there will ever be a correct metaphysical answer because of different perceptions from people. Reading this chapter made me realize that because everyone is so different there is no way to explain “what is really real?” What is real to me might not be real another person.

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