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What Is The Current State Of Mc Gregor's Theory X And Y In Industry? Do Most Employees Fall Within X? Y? Are There Any Other Theories That Offer Alternative Arguments About The Nature O Employees?

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What is the current state of McGregor's theory X and Y in industry? Do most employees fall within X? Y? Are there any other theories that offer alternative arguments about the nature o employees? What does your company do to address both Xers and Yers?I believe that Theory Y is the most predominately used method of management. This theory has gone through a few transformations since McGregor first wrote about his X and Y theories in the early 60's. I think that companies have realized that managing people like robots does not promote a sense of ownership among employees and eventually diminishes work production. The employees in an X theory employment situation work only for the salary and ...view middle of the document...

Teams of employees are involved with developing strategy, setting their own objectives, and creating their own action plans. They are encouraged to be creative and to figure out the best way to do their jobs. However, they cannot just do their own thing; that is anarchy and dangerous within organizations. These teams have to fit into the larger organization. These groups must be challenged, inspired, supported, measured, and rewarded (the role of a manager). (2) Flat structures. This type of organization holds everyone responsible for everything. All decisions could be everyone's. Given a set of facts or a particular challenge, people would agree on the way forward and get on with it. There would be no conflict and everyone would do his or her best. I can not imagine that this type of management style would work with more the ten people in the organization. (3) Open-Book Management. This type of management style teaches people how their companies make money. It involves employees in the basics of the business in many of the same ways that owners are involved. It asks everyone to create a plan. It spreads accountability; it shares the risks and rewards with the employees. This style encourages employees to act like business-people and not hired hands. (4) Incentive Programs. Incentives programs are designed to reward employees for deadlines met or project completed. A criticism I found leveled at many incentives and incentive programs is that they tend to diminish intrinsic (internal-Y) motivation since...

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