What Is To Be Done With Texas Projection Measure?

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What is to be done with Texas Projection Measure? Polly D. Finnessey Texas A&M University-Kingsville

WHAT IS TO BE DONE WITH TEXAS PROJECTION MEASURE? What is to be done with Texas Projection Measure? Texas Education Agency (TEA) described the Texas Projection Measure (TPM) as, “a growth measure that will be used by Texas to determine whether students are meeting annual performance goals” (TEA, 2009.) This announcement defined, “Growth measures track individual student achievement on state tests from one year to the next, giving schools credit for student improvement over time.” Texas Commissioner of Education, ...view middle of the document...


WHAT IS TO BE DONE WITH TEXAS PROJECTION MEASURE? States’ growth measures necessitated assessment structures robust enough to meet close to ten criteria that included: unique student identifiers to enable performance tracking over


years; a capable state data management system; information available on students not tested; and, vertically-scaled assessments (Commission On No Child Left Behind: The Aspen Institute.) State growth models had to also project proficiency for all students by 2014, and had to set annual growth goals in line with that goal. One state’s proposed growth measure was thrown out because it would have required only 75 percent of students to meet the proficient level by 2014, rather than the 100 percent target required by federal law (Viadero, 2006.) Each state’s proposed growth model was designed to work with that particular state’s assessment structure, and thus each state handled the 2014 deadline for proficiency of all students, and the requirement to close achievement gaps differently. The Aspen Institute’s report in 2006 summarized: Despite the possibility of being complex and resource heavy to implement, the additional information that states, districts, and schools will be able to collect from growth models could be an extremely powerful tool for school improvement. The data created through a growth model approach could not only be used to hold schools accountable, but also to inform teaching, improve management practices and policy and most importantly, construct targeted interventions to increase student achievement (Commission On No Child Left Behind: The Aspen Institute.) The U.S. Department of Education announced, in January of 2009, that it approved the Texas growth model, TPM (TEA, 2009.) The state of Texas had developed vertically scaled and aligned assessments in preparation to utilize the model: “In 2007, Section 39.026 of Senate Bill 1031 was signed into law, requiring the implementation of a vertical scale to compare the performance of individual students from one grade level to the next beginning with the 2008-

WHAT IS TO BE DONE WITH TEXAS PROJECTION MEASURE? 2009 school year” (Houston Independent School District Department Of Research And Accountability, 2009.) The TPM was not actually developed to measure growth that had occurred, but to project the likelihood that a student will pass in the future. The TPM Vertical Scale Brief, put out by Houston ISD’s Department of Research and Accountability in February or 2009 explained this:


The TPM is multi-level regression-based projection model that will be used as a method for projecting future student scores in the next high-stakes grade (grades 5, 8, and 11) using both current student scale scores in reading/English language arts and mathematics and the average campus scale score in the projection subject. Projections will be made separately for reading/ELA and math (Houston Independent School District Department Of Research And...

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