What It Means To Be A Christian

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Crystal Back
THEO 104
December 11, 2010
What It Means to Be a Christian
I. Introduction
There are three concepts that have helped reshape the perception I have of Christianity: the Christian’s way of life, the Christian’s testimony, and the Church, or the Body of Christ, as it relates to the community. Each of these concepts is very important as independent ideas, but together they strengthen and enhance the life of a Christian. My own life has been strengthened by these ideas, and that is why I believe they are all essential to the growth and maturity of every Christian’s spiritual walk. They assist in defining what it means to be a true Christian.

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It is no longer acceptable to avoid church, curse, party on the weekends or live sexually immoral lives. God requires that His children leave all those sinful acts behind for eternal life with Him.
It is so vital for a Christian to uphold their new Christian values in order to become an effective follower of Jesus in modern society. With Christians always finding themselves under the microscope, it is of the utmost importance that Christians lead a holy and fulfilling life. Society is critical of Christians because they are seen as hypocrites: Christians are only Christians on Sunday. For this reason, it is imperative that Christians hold their Sunday values throughout the week and every day for the rest of their lives.

III. Section Two: Testimony
The second concept concerns the testimony, or witness, of a Christian. This is probably the single most effective way to bring unbelievers to Jesus Christ. All in all, it comes down to finding common ground. According to Towns, “The changed life of a Christian is the only way that most unbelieving people will encounter Christianity” (Towns 58). If a non-believer can relate to a situation that a Christian has already gone through, and that believer shows how Jesus has brought them from the horrible places where they once were, the non-believer will begin to believe that there is hope, but not just any hope—hope that is provided exclusively by Jesus Christ.
Testimonies are often very personal and can shed light into the darkest parts of a Christian’s former life. But in these life stories, non-believers can find hope, love, grace and mercy that will have never been experienced anywhere else. It is hard to let true honesty, as brutal and excruciating as it is, go unnoticed, even for the hardest non-believer. Some of the most touching, and yet painful, stories I have heard ended with that Christian overcoming incredible obstacles to reign victorious with Jesus Christ. From ten-year prison sentences to unplanned pregnancies out of rape, a Christian’s testimony can reach people in places where self-help books and audio tapes simply cannot.

IV. Section Three: The Church and the Community
The final concept does not solely pertain to the individual Christian as much as it pertains to the entire church, or body of Christ. This concept requires every individual Christian to be in tune with Jesus so that they can corporately be in tune with each other to spread the message and love of Jesus to the community. There are many things that a church can do to serve others, but here are two examples of what a church can do to communicate God’s love to their community and the world.
Rejection is an act and emotion far too many people experience. ...

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