What Makes A Good Project Manager

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What Makes a Good Project Manager?

What makes a good project manager? When evaluating this question we can start by breaking the question down, and stripping some key words in it. In this case, the words project, and the word manage, by doing this we are able to start arriving at some assumptions. The Project Management Body of Knowledge defines a project as such: “A temporary endeavor undertaken to create a unique product, service, or result (Project Management Institute, 2008, p. 442). The word Manager most all of us can define this ourselves. It is someone in charge, a leader, a “shot caller”, descion maker, or thorn in our side. In answering the several question asked ...view middle of the document...

Having a mastery of organization skills sits the project off to a good start and allows adjustments to be made as needed, because the PM has a grasp of all the moving parts appropaeratly. They know how to Lead and Communicate. Project Managers that are weak leaders will not tend to be very successful, nor communicate well. Situations will rise in the project process that answers will need to be given, adjustments made, and way forwards mapped out. If a PM lacks leadership of his team, and the ability to communicate his intentions the project is doomed. ” Project managers also need to be able to inspire the confidence of stakeholders and sponsors in the event the budget or timeline needs to be renegotiated or additional resources are needed to complete the project” (CIO, 2014). Trust which ties to leadership is a must for a project team to have in their team leader, in the Journal Article by Weems-Landingham; there are five trust styles-“Knowledge based trust, Character-based trust, Institutional-Based Trust, Justice-based trust, and swift-trust.” (Weems-Landingham, 2004). Numerous other attributes could be listed for successful Project Managers but, being an effective manager that can lead, communicate, project, and who are organized will experience high levels of project completion.
Looking at Table 1 and identifying which of these has to do with project set up, and the Project Managers skills, we can simply divide a lot of this up. When looking at problems occurring during project set up we can see the importance of selecting the right team for the job, and setting realistic deadlines. Also, one should consider how in the past departments have operated and worked together. The problems that arise with skills of a PM are seen...

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