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What Makes A True Leader? Essay

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I believe a true leader needs to possess several different leadership characteristics to be considered a successful leader. Depending on the circumstance or task at hand they may use one leadership skill or they may use several. I understand leadership to mean setting a good example for others to follow and inspiring them to do their personal best. I have no doubt that each of us encounters leaders in our everyday life. Whether it be a teacher, boss, coach, parent or even a friendly neighbor. They each have their own unique leadership characteristic or skill that can prove to be beneficial to us in some way. While there are several qualities and characteristics to choose from, most people do have strengths and weaknesses.
In my opinion, one of the strongest leadership characteristics to acquire is organization. I also believe this to be my best leadership trait. If a leader is not organized they will have a hard time motivating others and working ...view middle of the document...

I have had the opportunity in several of my classes to be involved in group projects. Once I know who is in my group and realize where I believe everyone’s strengths are at, I start immediately organizing. I begin by taking notes about where we can meet, times that are convenient for everyone, how much time the project will take, how much it will cost and what role each of us needs to play in order to make the project a success for everyone. The leadership role of being an organizer in my opinion is one of the most important attributes because it is usually what starts a project or job out. A true leader works for the betterment of the group and not to hold a role of superiority. A great leader can only reach the goal if everyone in the group uses their strengths to come together as a whole. Once the group is organized, others in the group can showcase their leadership capabilities. Not everyone will have the same qualities and abilities, but you can learn from each other and improve on your weaker skills.
To be an impressive leader you obviously need the skill of communication. While I consider this to be an important trait in a true leader, it is a technique I feel it is my weakest attribute .I will have an idea for a project but I am not sure how to verbalize it to the group. I also do not enjoy speaking in large groups or to crowds, so I communicate less in these types of situations. I was recently in a group English project where I organized our group and project. Another student did the research, one filmed, a third and fourth student was in charge of set and prop design and the one who enjoys speaking did most of the classroom presentation. We came together and worked as a group and received an A+. While some skills come naturally to students, others require coming out of your comfort zone. Communication is definitely not a strength of mine however I can continue to improve on this skill.
A true leader will possess numerous skills to lead a group to victory. Which characteristics and qualities they use will change in accordance to the job they are working on. Leadership is knowing when to lean on others for their advice and expertise. Most leaders to not possess every skill but know their strengths and weakness.

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