What Makes An Effective And Efficient Organization?

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What Makes An Effective And Efficient Organization


In today’s economy, businesses need to be in full control of their organization to possess power in the market. Power is obtained when the organization’s members are aware of the organization’s goals and objectives, in addition to being capable of dealing with everyday situations that they face. However, this would not be possible without the guidance of a capable and effective leader. We believe the key to an organization triumphing is when strong leadership is combined with effective strategies being implemented, which would then subsequently lead to corporate social responsibility being achieved. It is our opinion that ...view middle of the document...

In light of this, being socially responsible can help an organization to further add value to their business, thereby increasing the competitive advantage they have over their competitors.
Richard L. Daft, who is a professor and an author of organizational behavior and organizational design, defines social responsibility as being the management's obligation to make choices and take actions that will contribute to the welfare and interests of society as well as the organization. However, this definition does make one wonder as to why an organization has to ensure that it contributes to the wellbeing of the society? There are already more than enough problems that an organization has on its plate. So, why further add on the society’s problems and issues into this already full plate?
There was definitely a time where corporate social responsibility was viewed as philanthropy, but gone are those days. Twenty years ago, corporate social responsibility was restricted to corporate philanthropy and the adherence to government laws for some businesses. (McPherson 8) However, in the present day, Jeanne Meister, a journalist for Forbes says, “(corporate social responsibility) has quickly become a crucial part of any large company’s long-term strategy – not just in marketing, but in recruiting, too”. (Meister 1 1) Consumers are putting in more thought into the source of their products and also, employees are wanting more from their jobs in terms of job satisfaction than just good paychecks. According to The Charted Institute for Personnel Development (CIPD), there is a close connection between corporate social responsibility, engaged and motivated employees, and business success. As such, it is of no doubt that corporate social responsibility is seen as attractive to potential employees of this time and age. In a survey conducted by the nonprofit organization, Net Impact, 53 percent of workers said that “a job where I can make an impact” was important to their happiness. (Meister 1 2) This is due to the fact that employees want to have a sense of pride for the organization that they work for and having achieved such a feeling, they would have a positive attitude towards the organization and would not want to look for a job elsewhere.
Also, not only is corporate social responsibility a lever for employee attraction to a business organization, but it is also a key to employee engagement in an organization. Employee engagement could be in terms of employee feedback to an organization in terms of how to improve their practices such as to not negatively affect the environment. This does kill two birds with one stone. Employees are given a say in the decision making process of coming up with new business strategies that will add value to the organization in addition to making the environment a better place. As a result, job satisfaction, which leads to effective organization performance, is achieved in addition to an improvement in the...

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