What Men Can Learn From Women

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In the essay " What I've learned from men", by Barbara Ehrenreich, she tries to convey her point of view by stating that that women need to learn from men how to be more tough and not to be ladylike. At the same time, there are a few things that men could learn from women. Actually, men can learn a lot of things from us, women, if they only analyzed in depth how nice, affectionate, and loyal we are.All men are rude, and all women are nice. Such a strong controversial generalized statement could cause a lot of anger in men and happiness in women. The truth behind this statement is that many men are way ruder than women. First of all men act funny among themselves. Let's take a random example ...view middle of the document...

They make nice things for them, such as cleaning, doing laundry, ironing their shirts, etc. And if all those nice things don't ignite affection in men towards us, then we try to be creative. By being creative I mean by making him a delicious dinner, or simply buying his favorite ice cream flavour, so that way he will have a sweet feeling and maybe show more affection toward the woman. Maybe it's men's nature to hide their feelings and emotions, and if they act differently they would be considered too feminine. I would say that there's nothing wrong in receiving the same amount of affection that we give to men. They can stay true to their masculinity, yet there's no excuse for them not to express their love to us the way we do."True Love never has a happy ending, that is because true love never has an ending". I find this a great quote taken from the book Love Story By Erich Segal. The gist of this book is the love between two students, Oliver Barrett and Jennifer Cavalieri. They were deeply in love and they never thought on cheating on each other. Every woman would have been very fortunate to live Jennifer's life. The first time I read the book I was deeply touched and amazed how two people can share so much love, but soon after I returned to reality. The reality is that such love is hard to find , and it takes two to make that dream come true. Women are the ones who focus on one man, yet they don't understand why men find it so much fun to have ore than one...

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