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What Motivates Customers To Buy Products

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What motivates consumers to buy products?
Consumers are people who buy, purchase or rent items/products and services. They are the core of any given business. It is because of customers that businesses are running. All companies need customers to fulfill their objectives and goals. Today’s world is full of products and services of the same type, but different qualities and companies producing them. Because of this, consumers have to make decisions on what products to buy. In order to buy products, consumers need to be motivated hence; make the decision of buying the item.
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Dr. Maslow in his theory stated that people need or require satisfying their lower level before going up. It is noted that these features of the hierarchy motivates behavior. It starts for low, which means that customers or humans are dissatisfied by with what they want to the highest needs, which reflects the need for satisfaction.
There are five levels of Maslow’s theory of need hierarchy, and they include physiological needs, which comprises of food, shelter, clothing or water. Level two is the safety needs, which comprises of protection, security, stability etc. The third level is the social needs. These includes affiliation, friendship, and belongings. The fourth level is the Egoistic needs. It includes self esteem, prestige and status. The fifth call was self-actualization, which is self-fulfillment (Pride and Ferrel, 201).
Recommendations and rationale
People or consumers have motives for the reasons they purchase or buy products and services. Customers’ motives to buy products can either be emotional or quite rational. In most cases, consumers do not think about what motivates them to buy certain products and leave others, but there is always an influence on the decision. Motivation plays a crucial role in consumer decision making about certain products. The decision buying products and services are usually influenced by buying motives. Buying motives is a term used to explain what motivates customers to buy products. Buying motives as described by marketers is the drive makes consumers want to buy a given product. This drive is related to emotional motives, rational motives and patronage motives (Burrows and Bosiljevac, 161).
Emotional motives of buying products are referred to as the drive to buy products based on feelings, attitudes or beliefs. What motivates consumers to buy stuff in relation to emotional motives is the love of the product, passion, guilt or also fears. These emotional factors can compel a person to buy products. According to researches done, a person’s emotions influence him/her to buy products. Emotions are strong sentiments that every person has, and they usually influence a person’s behavior. When buying products, a consumer may feel the need to buy certain products over numerous others. Emotional motives are strong, and their influence on a consumer to buy products is based on urges hence; it plays a vital role in decision making. An example of this factor that makes customers buy products is Hallmark advertisement. Hallmark advertisement usually encourages people to buy cards. The cards could be based on love, or greetings. Because of human emotions on other people, a consumer will buy the card out of love or guilt (Dlaby, Eggland and Burrow, 242).
Another aspect of what makes buyers buy products is driven by the rationale motives. Rational motives are based on factors such as time saving, money saving or acquiring highest quality products, which are of enormous value. Quality of...

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