What Project Management Means To Me

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Project management for me is a gaining satisfaction after completing a series of processes to reach and complete a goal. It is being able when given a project, to work through these processes from beginning to end and ensuring the process meets all the requirement of the project objectives. For me personally, projects are a challenge, and I love a good challenge, so to overcome and complete any projects objective, it will require a well thought out plan for it to run efficiently, and like any challenges, there a problems and barriers that needs to be solved or over come and there is no better satisfaction when solving a hard problem and completing a challenging project. However, I have ...view middle of the document...

Unexpected situation are frustrating when it happens but it happens for any project. But this also where I find the challenge and excitement to try and solve the problem or finding ways to get around it. There are literally countless reasons a project can run into issues, but the vast majority of them can be solved with clear and frequent communication. I find in my past experience communication is key and not a lot of it happens during a project. Whether the project manager is not communicating enough with his team, client, or stakeholders or vice versa and not receiving any communication back, where it can cause the project manager to not get the information or updates he or she requires. This is a major issue for any project manager as clients or stakeholders are sometimes slow to communicate back and the project manager just waits and not being proactive to get a response they need.

While it is easy to point blame in the direction of your client, it is the project manager responsibility to consistently initiate contact and keep the line of communication open. Consistent communication is only created by active effort on the project managers’ end as it doesn’t just happen naturally. One excellent practice that I think project managers can implement right away is to send your client a progress report at the end of every week. This could be a full report or just a short email and it should detail what you accomplished this week and what you plan to do next week. Doing this every week whether the clients ask for it or not. Not only does this practice solve problems before they become too big, it will also ensure the client trust for you as they know they are...

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