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What Quantum Physics Has Done For Us

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What Quantum Physics Has Done For Us
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Table of Contents
Introduction 1
What is Quantum Physics 1
Quantum Physics in Everyday Life 3
Recent Developments in Quantum Physics 4
Founders of Quantum Physics 6
References 8

Quantum physics is a science which determines what happens in our lives, the world around us and substances that are not even visible to the naked eye. This branch of physics is in fact also closely connected to the human mind, our thoughts and feeling and is also interlinked with our spirituality. Many experiments and detailed amounts of research have been done by a variety of ...view middle of the document...

These sub-atomic particles are minute in size. Electrons are negatively charged particles found in an atom. Protons are positively charged and neutrons have no charge (neutral) and are also the main components of an atom. Electrons all have moving particles and as Louise De Broglie (a French scientist who contributed to the quantum theory) suggested they also have a wave motion associated with them. It is stated that it is impossible to measure at the same time both the velocity and speed or position of an electron and that an electron cannot be at a fixed distance from the nucleus (known as “Heisenberg’s uncertainty principle” a principle derived by German physicist who also contributed to quantum mechanics).
When any metal is heated many of these electrons escape. This is widely known as the thermionic emission .When any electron is attracted to a positive electrode (a conductor where electricity can enter or leave an area) they gain energy also known as kinetic energy.
Light is widely associated with the electromagnetic spectrum in quantum physics. The electromagnetic spectrum contains wavelengths and energies of different waves for example gamma rays, infra -red rays or ultra violet rays. Light depends on the type of wavelength it contains and this wavelength determines the kind of colour the light will have. For example red light has a wavelength of around 650 nanometres. The colours which are visible are called a spectrum. There are many different types of spectrum such as the continuous spectrum in which all wavelengths are present and the emission line spectrum in which light is emitted when electric current is passed through hydrogen gas.
Energy also known as quantum is made up of photons which are discrete units of light and in the emission spectrum photons are emitted. Energy is always directly proportional to frequency which implies that a photon will have more energy when the frequency is high enough however if the frequency is too high it can cause damage to humans. All particles of matter and light are what contribute to the theory of quantum physics.

Although quantum physics is extremely fascinating, it is recognised as the more complex of the sciences, therefore, people who don’t study science might find it irrelevant in their everyday lives. A recent study in Sweden, shows that, when questioned about quantum physics, they found the students only found it interesting when it was relevant to their everyday lives and made ‘personal’ and relevant to their ‘personal interests’. Therefore, in order to make quantum physics personal, lets explore its uses in everyday life.
One of the most complex inventions thats based on the basic laws of quantum physics, is the microscope.
1. Electron microscopes.
A problem with ‘light’ microscopes occurs at high magnifications. When the objects you look at are about the size of the wavelength of light, a lot of diffraction occurs. When this occurs, people often see ‘stripy’...

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