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What's Better; Gas Powered Cars Or Battery Powered Cars?

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In the modern world, the interest in electric powered cars grows. However most of the world's population already has CO2 emitting gas powered cars. Will electric powered cars ever be more popular than gas powered cars? Electric vehicles are clean, noiseless, light, however they lack power. Gas vehicles are just about the opposite; dirty, noisy, heavy, although it has good power output. The only obstacle in the way of electric cars moving on is the lack of suitable long lasting batteries to meet the needs of the everyday car owner. We have all the technology we need to produce electric vehicles, however the batteries are big, expensive, and don't have the power and range people need. Gas ...view middle of the document...

So if the U.S.A were to mass-produce these cars, the emission of pollution would be just as bad. Also to power the cars you would need to use filthy power plants that would power the car. Electric cars that have a source of power from coal plants emit just about the same amount of MgCO2 as gasoline powered cars. Also, it emits more than gasoline-powered cars to manufacture the "zero-pollution" cars.Cars that use gas as a fuel can go long distances, most may cost less than electric cars, are safer, and have extra power that you can use on the highways. Nonetheless the amount of energy used by gas-powered automobiles is staggering. The world used over a trillion liters of motor gas in 1995. And the U.S. accounted for 46% of that total. Because the world is so used to using and buying fossil-fuel powered cars, it would be hard to change the mind of people who want to buy a new SUV (sports utility vehicle) which uses tremendous amounts of gas because of its big engine and heavy weight. Although it might seem safer to use electric cars as I...

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