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What Types Of Fiction Do You Enjoy Reading And Why?

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What types of fiction do you enjoy reading and why?
The reading of fiction is escapism, but not in any bad sense. To read is more positive than to watch television, because the visual nature of TV limits the imagination. Reading also excels radio listening, partly because the listener has no choice in the programs, and partly because the quality of radio programs is so uneven. There is a world of fiction available to occupy the reader's spare time, so much so that he or she can be ultra-selective in following personal taste. It is perhaps true to say that a good library is one of the finest assets a community can possess. Failing a library, paperbacks are usually available.
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This argues that humor has to be related to a known background. The Englishman laughs at the James Herriott stories, because the adventures of this veterinary surgeon relate exclusively to provincial English characters. The American would be puzzled. However, a gifted raconteur like David Niven sells equally well on both sides of the pond. In The moon's a balloon and Go slowly, come back quickly, he pins down the foibles of both nations, to the delight of both, because he has spent much of his working life in Hollywood, and has absorbed both backgrounds.
Most people enjoy a good thriller, and some, horror stories. Edgar Allan Poe's short stories set the horror trend. He was followed by a host of others, notably Dennis Wheatley, and more latterly by people like Blatty, who wrote the terrifying novel The Exorcist. The real trend, however, is for the good whodunnit, because the acts of violence are no more than pegs on which to hang intellectual solutions. Violence is never dwelt on for its own sake. This is the popular Agatha Christie genre, followed by dozens of other writers, some highly...

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